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06 June, 2014


Good afternoon everyone :)

It's a stunning, warm & sunny day here in Luxembourg.  I've packed out my things, had a nice sleep (though it is strange sleeping in a new place for the first time), and am  onto my 3rd. cup of coffee within the past half hour.

I credit my being halfway done with translating & "editing" Mads' CV for London to my over-caffinated state.  Who would have thought it would be this difficult?!  Perhaps it's because I can see the pool through the glass doors, sun gleaming down upon it, water sparkling…inviting me over and in…

Or perhaps because I am still struggling to understand and approach the fact that my CV, with zero job experience up until I started working at Bella Italia, is 3 pages long and how Mads', with years of job experience, is somehow condensed into 1.

Today's my cousins' last day of school before vacation so the fun hasn't quite begun for them as of yet.  Their confirmation is this Sunday and they're both so excited, they can't stop talking about it and practicing ;)

Will try to wrap up this CV work and head out to enjoy the good weather before lunch.



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