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13 June, 2014

Bye Bye Lux

It's true what they say... there's no place like home!

Even though the flight was only a mere hour, it's always the next 2 hours I have back home via train that kill me!!  I was exhausted, but in an over-tired way so I decided to contact the girls to see what they were up to :)  Got to see Caro and Louise ended up sleeping over though we nixed the going out part and instead, decided to stay up until 4 talking the night away!

I was so, so happy to see Mads again and now both of can go back to sleeping well, and in my case, without such terrible nightmares!  Something about being apart just ain't right!

Spent the day after going to see a flat for Louise, having lunch with Caroline and drinks with Josie before heading home and purchasing half of the grocery store.  Around that time I felt like I had completely lost my voice, throat started hurting, couldn't breathe properly and BOOM!  Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like a cat had slide down my throat--claws out, and that the rest of my body had been hit my a truck.

Stressful as it has been and will continue to be these following weeks, I mentally feel like I can still handle it.  My body doesn't seem to think so though so I'm stuck on the couch for a few days I'm afraid.  Hoping it's just a bad 24 hour cold or something because I've got a 21st. birthday party, Caroline's party to attend to tomorrow, and a long, exciting week ahead.


I will proceed to being curled up on the couch, watching Pretty Little Liars until my man comes home to take care of me...Or at least until my head stops pounding enough for me to make us dinner…HA! Scratch that--order dinner.

Here are some of the last pictures taken during my stay in good, 'ol Luxembourg and from the other day.

Hope you're all doing well and that you enjoy the weekend ahead.  


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