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17 June, 2014

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Gooooooood morning!!

The sun shining through my bedroom window, accidentally being woken up with kisses--it's the start of a good day.  Even with the obscene level of coughing going on within this one little human, I've been shockingly unable to just lie down and stare at a screen all day sooooo instead, I spent all of yesterday doing the most epic cleaning/sorting-through that a flat has every witnessed.  I'd go so far to call it a cleaning extravaganza.  Mainly because only I can…or would want to.

Two massive black garbage bags filled and tossed out, one filled with everything from clothing & shoes to miscellaneous never-been-used items for charity, one for friends to sort through before the rest goes to charity, and one for Mads' niece.

There's never been so much room in my mini walk-in closet and partially, yes, I may owe that to cleaning on a different level than usual but mostly I will accredit it to the fact that the first THREE suitcases have officially been packed, weighed, and ready for London!!!!!!!!!!  Whether those will be brought along or shipped…we've yet to decide.  Got any opinions based on personal experience or otherwise on the matter of ship v.s. pay extra weight fees?  Do feel free to comment! :)

Hoping for two unexplainably productive days in a row!  Considering I've been up since half-past six & I've actually not only made but eaten breakfast (oatmeal+banana, mmm!), I'll be taking every positive thing I accomplish within the next couple hours as testaments to that statement ;)

Have a good one :*


P.P.S.  Kinda super proud of myself given the fact that I still feel like a truck steam-rolled my sinus system and I swallowed a pound of sand without knowing it andddd because this normally applies all too well to me.

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