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19 June, 2014


Good morning everyone :)

Although I am unfortunately still sick, likely because of the thousands of preparations done in order to be ready for my sister's arrival this evening, MY SISTER IS ARRIVINGGGGGGG!! So that's really all that's important :D

Mads & I to Helsingør late yesterday afternoon after making a quick personal change…. ;) Been thinking about it for a week or two and after 4 years og growing it out and being a long-haired girl, I've decided to go short!  It's one of the shortest styles I've ever had and I LOVE IT.  Takes some getting used to but so far, I don't miss the length of the old cut, just keep falling more and more in love with the new!

Mads walked into the bathroom as I was cutting it and his reaction was priceless.  He just kept asking, "What are you doing?!" in rapidly escalating tones with my only response being, "It's just hair."  He insists that my cutting off the entirety of my ponytail looked extremely dramatic.

Thankfully, I'm not the only one obsessed with the new-do.  Massive bonus points when the boy adores it as well ;)  What do y'all think?

ANYWAYS….. It was Mads' niece's big 1-0 yesterday and it couldn't have fit more perfectly in with Lina coming today.  Gave her all of her prezzies, went out to dinner, had a bit of a walk-about through the town, & watched football.  Perfectly cosy night and I'm so happy that we could be here for her on "Charlotte Day" as she so fittingly calls it ;)

Now coffee and Animal Planet are all that's on the agenda except for today's main event later on tonight…but we'll see what we can come up with.

Have a good one!


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