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18 May, 2014

Weezy's Return

Had such a lovely day today, minus the rough start.  Ordered two fabulous pairs of sandals (I own none…no flat ones at least) from Zara and paid for expedited shipping some time earlier this week and they haven't shown up.  Brilliant.

Headed into down with the boy to hunt down some new ones and I got lucky, more than I had hoped/expected not only because I got two great new pairs of sandals but because Mads treated me to them as well ;)  Got money exchanged for the trip, ran a few last-minute errands, had some lunch, annddddd WAS REUNITED WITH LOUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!! She landed on Thursday and is here to say!!!!

It was so, so, so, so, SO good to see her again!! To catch up, hear her laugh…I sound like I'm in love hahaha Missed this girl so badly, like having two sisters over in The States after she left instead of one--as if that wasn't hard enough.  As excited as I am for our vacation, I'm just as excited to get back home and celebrate Caroline's graduation and Louise's much-anticipated return.


P.S. I'll try my very best to squeeze in posts, please loovveee meeee just for trying.  Even if it might take awhile.  I'll spoil you with loads of pictures later to make up for it ;)


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