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27 May, 2014

The Modern World


I am alive, well, back in Denmark anndddd a bit embarrassed.
So…apparently there are still hotels that exist out there without proper internet/wifi.  Won't lie, I was actually shocked.  Had a semi-stable connection for 10 min. the entire week I was down there and apart from that, nada…zero…zilch.  Mads & his brother Kent were the only ones who managed to get access more than once.

If I'd have know I'd have given you lovely people a heads up regarding my absence, obviously, but some things are simply unforeseen.  I've only got my pictures from the vacation so far and there are a good 400 after going through, editing, and deleting some.  I'm going to see if I can gather up the other 7's photographs as well and make a few posts so that it's not too overwhelming for any of us.

I arrived on the 25th., headed straight back to the flat with Mads after dropping his brother and niece at his parents house and attempted to unpack, repack, and hop into a change of clothes before prolonging my 6 hours of travel en route to Hillerød.

Since auntie Helene and baby Louie are in town from the Caribbean and I haven't seen my family in Copenhagen in forever and a day, I decided to hop on the train with Kent and Charlotte as they were headed roughly same direction, to visit everyone up here for a few days.  Unfortunately Mads couldn't get a few extra days off work so they'll have to meet another time.  A shame, as it's all a bit more difficult and requires that extra bit of effort in order to see one another when we're all scattered across the globe but such is life :)

Sorry for the delay after my arrival 2 days back but I'm trying to help out with the baby and spend as much time with them as possible since I've only got the rest of today and then I'll be headed back to Odense tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon but there's a lot of important dates coming up soon with summer rapidly approaching.  I'll just barely be touching down at home for a few days before I'm off to Luxembourg for my cousins' confirmations come early June.  Mads and I will need to pop over to London for a good week or so to flat/job hunt to prep for our move and before I'll know it, Lina will be here.

Missed y'all, hope you've had a brilliant week!!



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