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07 May, 2014

Pre-New York Trip Makeup Mini-Haul: A post by Lina

Hello all :)
My little sis was in the Big Apple last month and I asked her if she wouldn't mind whipping up a post regarding NYC and all things beauty-related.  The conclusion was all about her beauty must-haves that she simply couldn't resist sharing with the lovely readers here, at SMITR.

This girl right here was off to New York baby! (A first timer and I practically wet myself).  As I was in a real hurry to finish packing and making the final touches on my outfits, I hardly had time to throw this post together, but it is sweet and simple. 

A mini-haul of beauty supplies, some old favourites, and other new luxuries I felt would match the needs I felt I had beauty-wise for this trip.  If they've been "tested" before, I’ll add a snippet of a review. Something interesting to note is their differing places on the price spectrum.  Enjoy!

Name & Retail Price: Wet N’ Wild Lipstick, $2.00
Shade: 970 Purty Persimmon

Bold orange lips are all the rage this season and how could I not at least try to pull off the beauty trend of the moment in one of the top fashion capitals of the world?! I decided to pick up a cheap orange just to test it and see if I even liked wearing it, without bothering to think about undertones or "staying power".  I already have the color ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ from this Wet N’ Wild lipstick range and it is my favourite lipstick shade ever purchased & it's a perfect dupe for Mac Rebel.  Given our history of good luck, I figured the pay-off of this lipstick would be just as pleasing and, by golly, I don’t think I could have picked a better orange!! How lucky am I?! If you purchase this, remember to apply pressure when putting this color on, and to moisturise your lips beforehand.

Name & Retail Price: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm, $6-7.00

Shade: Unapologetic

Sticking with the bright n' bold lip theme, this bad boy is gorgeous, grasping the attention of anyone with eyes, to your luscious lips, making them the focal point of your makeup palette.  Perfect if you're in a city full of people who are used to sporting black ;) Be sure to exfoliate your lips before using this though, the matte texture brings out the flakiness of your lips. 

Name & Retail Price: Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation, $36.00
Shade: Fair honey

Acne and redness can make an attempt to create a "minimal makeup" look, difficult.  I am still trying out numerous BB Creams and light coverage foundations to have less of a mask on my face. Mineral, or powered foundations always confused meI just don’t understand how they can cover up imperfections without looking, well, powdery. 

After hearing Youtube vlogger, essiebutton, rave about this product, it made me consider powder foundation for the first time.  Please, oh pretty please, make sure you have exfoliated your skin so there are no dry patches and that your moisturizer really sinks in, making your skin as smooth as can be before using this product.  Or, any powder now that I mention it.

I find that this powder works best when you press it into the skin with a flat-topped brush and can cover up redness nicely.  It doesn’t take care of the acne, but I also didn’t really expect that.  Oh! And if you are an oily skin girl (or guy), then I noticed that though it didn’t make my skin any more oily, it also didn't do anything to combat it.  I will continue to test it in different ways and see how I can use it best. 

Name & Retail Price: Mac Fix + Spray (Travel Size), $10.00 

I have a love/hate relationship with this product.  It is full of vitamins and minerals that your skin is ready to soak in, taking away cakiness and replacing it with hydration instead.  When I first tried this product a few summers ago, it didn’t do all that much and I felt like it was a waste of money because it was just water.  Then, when I picked it up out of my collection of products a few weeks ago, my skin sucked it right up! After finishing with powder, I would add a few sprits to my face and give it a minute or two to work its magic.  Looking at my foundation after, my skin was plump and the dry spots on my face were much less noticeable. I figured this would be great for long days in the city and to give my skin a boost on the red-eye flight.

Name & Retail Price: Vaseline Moisture Repair Lotion (Travel Size), $4.00

Basically the only lotion that works on me, aannnddd it’s a mini!! Thank you Target for having the best travel size aisle ever. 

Name & Retail Price: Yes To Cumbers Face Wipes (10 Wipes), $3.00

Basic face wipes, as I never have time to do a full cleanse while on school trips! They were hydrating enough and didn’t tear my skin or make it greasy.

Name & Retail Price: L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray (2.2 oz), $7.00

First off, waaayyyy pricey for a mini hairspray.  Or is that just me? (It's just you. -Em) Tons of people rave about this hairspray and say that it provides a great hold without making hair crunchy.  Not to toot my own horn, but I’d say that my hair is pretty soft and silky because of the oils I use in it but sometimes there is such a thing as too soft and too silky because NOTHING HOLDS.  After curling and spraying my unwashed hair of like, three days, my bouncy curls had turned into pathetic waves by breakfast.  If anyone has hairspray recommendations please leave them in the comment below!! :)  It would be much appreciated!!


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  1. How come some of the words are in cursive? It seems a little out of context. Love when Lina posts though! Her writing is amazing! <3


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