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06 May, 2014

Met Gala 2014: Impressed or Unimpressed?

The most fabulous event of the year has rolled around again but in contrast to the previous years, just by flipping through the hundred some pictures, I'm for one, unable to see the theme, and secondly, distinctly unimpressed with the majority of the choices made by all too many of the A-listers in attendance.

A tiny bit heart-breaking, won't lie to you.  Is it just me who's gone mad? Or are you disappointed it the amount of "misses" v.s. "hits" from last night's event as well?  I felt that though there were many who look ah-mazing, it just wasn't "Met Gala" worthy.  As if I'd let that bring down the overall grade of the evening because those that really caught my eye, in return, had me all but weeping with marvel over their breathtaking gowns, hair & makeup, and the accessories…oh, the accessories.

My best guess for the theme of the "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  taking place the 5th. of May, 2014 in none other than New York City,  was fairytale moments, or something of the like.  This was due to the ridiculous amount of strange, exotic, and elegant decor seen on many of the gowns and suits alike.  However, that theme failed with the likes of Rihanna, Rachel McAdams, (& so for) who showed up in single-tone coloured gowns with not an adornment in sight. Stumped?

The theme for the Met Gala of 2014 was White Tie and Decorations.
Well, at least I was on the right track…sort of.

Here are my top picks from this year's Gala that I felt embodied the high-end couture inspiration this event implies and inspires, as well as their own unique fit to the persons wearing them:


Taylor Swift wearing Oscar de la Renta
(Though I've come to tire of the red-lip go-to look for beloved Tay-tay, her dress is absolutely enchanting.  No joke/pun intended.)

Monica Bellucci wearing Dolce & Gabbana
(Bonus points to her pro-ballet dancing date with his over-the-top accessories.  Where else could you wear them but at the Met Gala??  She looks absolutely regal.)

Adele Exarchopoulos wearing custom-designed all Prada
(Modern-day princess dress alert!!!!)

Ivanka Trump wearing Oscar de la Renta
(Will he ever fail you….no, no, NO! Such a stunning iridescent fabric!)

Emma Stone wearing Thakoon
(At a first-glance I'd placed Emma in the category of "Fabulous! But not Met-worthy" outfits of the evening as I found the cropped look a bit casual.  However, after giving her a second look I couldn't get over how perfectly everything about her look suits her, boyf. included.  The accessories and the makeup really took this one straight to the top of the "hits" list of the evening for me.)

Blake Lively wearing Gucci
(Her and hubbie Ryan Renolds might just be one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood in existence. Her dress (and body O___o ) actually blows my mind.  This girl has yet to fail to impress me a single time with her turning out time after time in the most mesmerising pieces that hug her every curve perfectly.  Lucky man!)

Rita Ora wearing Donna Karan Atelier
(It looks as though this dress was made for her, and I suppose it very well could have been…but regardless! The gold-tone suits her skin-tone magically and the boots, well, it's Rita, you've got to let the girl do her thing.  It makes the entire look hers and I can't say that I hate it.  Though, I do wonder why it was necessary to have both legs and arms wrapped?  The new hair-cut is chic & a much more grown-up look for her: A+ )

Naomi Watts wearing a custom Givenchy Haute Couture gown.
(She's the epitome of a real-life mermaid. Trying to control myself.)

Karlie Kloss wearing Oscar de la Renta
(One of my favourite designers, hands down.  Every piece is a creation og sheer magic and a work of art in itself and I've yet to come across one that I haven't fallen head-over-heels for.  The sexy-yet-demure makeup palette and classy undo let the dress do the talking.  Loving the fun, edgy addition of the leather gloves as well.  An all-around winner!)

Janelle Monae wearing Tadashi Shoji
(Chic, chic, chic, chic, chic! The addition of the intricate bold-red cape & red lip duo alongside the sharp black and white pieces is chic beyond words.  Big fan of the extravagant hairstyle as well.  Not many can pull it off but Janelle does so brilliantly!)

Selena Gomez wearing Diane Von Furstenberg 
(…and looking sexy, classy, and all grown-up while doing so.  Without a doubt in my mind, a MET Gala newcomer to be reckoned with!  The plum colour of her form-fitting gown does her every favour in the book while her beautifully done and well-matched makeup and romantic up-do compliment the look swimmingly.)

Anna Kendrick wearing J Mendel
(I don't think I can say classy, elegant, sexy, or beautiful enough times before it actually manages to fully and accurately express how flawlessly she embodies each of their meanings in this look. WOW!)

Karolina Kurkova wearing Marchesa
(Another one of my absolute favourite designers.  I swear, Marchesa's designs are everything any woman in her right mind would want--romantic, elegant, unique, flirty, sexy, fun, classy (I could go on but a blog post must have a word limit at one point or another ;)--and this show-stopping gown with its tiered construction and artistic floral design is no exception.  This supermodel simply stuns.)

Arizona Muse wearing a custom Ralph & Russo Haute Couture gown 
(First off, massive bonus points for the awesome name (AZ, represent!)  I recognise her though I haven't heard of her per se, but this model is one I'll be keeping my eye on for sure!  Her unique name, edgy-meets-forever classic look, what's not to love? She does everything but blend in with the carpet in this floor-length crimson red ball gown that fits her so remarkably well, she may as well have been born into this world wearing it.  Looks like she was meant to!)

Liu Wen wearing Zac Posen
(The sculptural architecture of the dress, it's cross between sea-foam & forest green colour, and the fact that she looks like the tallest, prettiest princess in the history of the world make for a seriously glamorous look.  I would eat, sleep, LIVE in any on of Posen's masterpieces if given the chance.  Absolutely stunning.)

Suki Waterhouse wearing Burberry
(The colour, the layering, her radiant glow and born-with-it flawless skin? Suki hits the mark!!  I feel that mixing red and any shade of pink is a line to carefully tread upon but with the perfect shade, it ties an entire ensemble together and kicks it up a notch! Well done, well done.)

**No, I haven't forgotten the men of the evening!!  Two is better than one, right?  In this case, it's really not even a question.  Many accompanied by their modelesque better halves, double the style standards, they all effortlessly complimented each others looks for the event and still managing to stand out. *Claps*

The King & Queen BeyoncĂ© & Jay-Z respectively wearing a custom Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown & a Givenchy Haute Couture tuxedo. 
(Nothing further.)

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp wearing a Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown.
(Old Hollywood glamour I dare say suits this newly-engaged couple phenomenally.  Depp's silver knob cane, white gloves, and pocket watch are a quirky take on a classic suit gone right.)

John Legend wearing Ralph Lauren
(Two words: coat tails)

Jim Parsons wearing Brookes Brothers
(…And looking loved-up, adorable, and fashionable as hell while doing so with partner Todd Spiewak at his side looking just as dapper.) 

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above images.   All rights go to their original owners.**

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