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05 May, 2014

Living In A Pub

Our home is rapidly turning into a pub and I'm not sure I mind it.  Mads obviously doesn't :D

Apart from the paintings, picture frames, plants and shoes galore (a women's touch ;)) the Playstation 4, dart board, and enough booze to last us through 'til summer makes our flat feel like a convincing little personalised, modern-day pub…salted nuts included.  No wonder we rarely leave home to go out anymore ;)

The dartboard has got to be in the top 10 best buys I've ever made.  We've used it so much since we hung it up this weekend that both of us confusingly awoke with excruciatingly sore forearms.  Guess 5-6 hours of playing (rather, competing) against one another is an unexpected workout!!

Hope you all had a great weekend, more pics coming soon!

P.S. In the pictures below I'm wearing:

Dress--Boo Hoo
Belt--Boo Hoo
Tights--Caroline Flemming
Loafers--Andy Tod
Watch--Michael Kors


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