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06 May, 2014

Sweet Relief

Had a great weekend, it felt so long!!  Had a relaxing Friday just Mads & myself+the puppy before Caroline came over for some girly catchup and later, another mutual friend of the boy and myself, Friis for drinks and darts.  Wasn't fully my plan as I had to be up early the next day to go to Svendborg for my first staff meeting, but we ended up going out later on that night.  Went home relatively early, though I can't say the same for those two boys!!  
After the meeting in Svendborg, Mummy picked me up so we could grab some lunch and catch up ourselves while enjoying the beautiful weather.  Mads came for dinner later that evening and we spent a cosy night there before heading back to Odense to see his big brother and niece over at his parents house.
If all of that wasn't enough to make for a fantastic weekend, SU being sorted out 300% definitely did. What a relief!  Can finally de-stress a bit financially now just in time for our trip to Turkey in just under 2 weeks!! SO EXCITED.



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