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12 May, 2014

Hell ain't a bad place to be when you're here with me

Though it wasn't necessarily planned, (when is it ever?) I ended up staying in Svendborg after work and mummy and I decided to "run a few errands"….code words for going shopping and getting out of the house!

While out and about "running errands" I found the most adorable designer baby store.  It's been here for years, though we haven't had a baby in the family for ages and therefore…no real need to go in.  Absolutely. Delicious. Clothing.  It's great quality, classic clothing that's just got something about it that doesn't make it old-fashioned in an unfortunate or boring way, but rather organic, raw, rustic with a classy twist.

I could have spent hours and every last penny on my credit card in there, happily. Though it didn't make it to that extent, I picked up a full set of clothing for my cousin Louie for when he and his mama make it to Denmark, right as I arrive back from Turkey with Mads & his family.  I can't wait to see them in addition to my other to cousins, aunt, and uncle in the Copenhagen area.  Cozy times are sure to come :)

Though my well-loved Tom Ford glasses have made it through endless moves in and out of the country, trans-atlantic flights, train rides…it seems as though they are officially lost, likely during our move from Odense N to Odense C.  Joy.  Dealing with insurance and coverage on that and may have found another pair similar to the ones I had before, also black-rimmed, also Tom Ford, just a bit more modern.  I'll likely come back soon to pick them up, love at first sight!  Just need to get my eyes re-tested to make sure all is in order there.  What do you think? Comment below :)

We did actually manage our errands as well, the good girls that we are, and after a bit of shopping we hopped into one of our favourite caf├ęs here in Svendborg, Citronen, for a light lunch before heading back home for sushi with my grandparents and Mads and sorting through some clothes I'll get to bring to Turkey, courtesy of closet de Mama!



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