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12 May, 2014


What a beautiful rainy day.  I caught myself saying, "God, it's pretty" out loud to myself this morning as I looked outside from the balcony out at the trees and the ocean, it's just so breathtaking and soothing, I guess I couldn't help myself!!

It's been a crazy week and up until today, I can't recall a single opportunity I've had to just sit down with my computer and sort out pictures, edit, organise, and blog.

Mads had our date night (outfit pictures included) and have arrived at a rough, though detailed outline regarding our rapidly approaching move to London, been shopping and out to lunch with mama, sushi dinner with the family, chilled with Bella and a few others after lunch with her, a night on the town with the girls, Mads' sister's birthday, Mother's Day with mama, shopping and planning out the final details for our trip to Turkey, Louise is coming home in 3 DAYS…etc., etc., etc.

Time is whooshing on by, waiting on no one and nothing as per usual and I've come to develop a firm love/hate status with it.  Just trying to keep up & enjoy.  Posts coming soon!



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