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08 May, 2014

Don't Forget!

Don't forget Mother's Day this weekend!!  It's coming up here on the 11th. of May (Sunday) :)

Everyone has their own unique relationship to their mother so how you celebrate them what you give them, if you choose to celebrate or give them anything, is of course up to you but a handmade card always goes a long way.

It doesn't take too long  so long as you put some love & thought into it, and knowing mothers…they'll love it so long as you've made it (and quite likely keep it forever and show it off as often as possible ;) ) and thought of them.

They've given you life if nothing more, remember that.  

Still hunting for the perfect gift for my mama/bestie (I've got to top Bon Jovi tickets from last year so there's something to live up to!) but all the flower arrangements are picked, scheduled, and paid for so that leaves one less thing to be taken care of :)



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