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31 May, 2014

Dancing around the lies we tell, dancing around big eyes as well

Good evening!!
There's hardly been a spare moment since I walked in the door meaning quite literally zero opportunities to blog for you lovelies until today.  10 min. after I got back from Hillerød, Polina messaged me and ended up coming over for a catch-up and some wine.  Decided to head out simultaneously with Louise messaging me asking us to come out to meet up with her to celebrate Caroline, which couldn't fit much better than it did.

Screw cleaning the flat or unpacking -___- Finally managed that 3 days after being home.  This weekend's packed with plans as well as I'm trying to have some quality time with my man and see people before I have to leave for Luxembourg and the summer season starts at work etc. etc.

All of that while jumping head-first into all things London-related part 2 and I'm a sleepless girl with an awfully small amount of free-time on her hands these days!!  Bear with me, it may be awhile before SMITR is back to normal.  Whatever normal is.

A few pictures from yesterday afternoon--relaxing, until the Russians took over for the second girls' night this week :P Lovely, nonetheless.
Loads of love being sent your way and well wishes for a wonderful weekend ahead :)



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