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15 April, 2014

Up & Running…Step By Step

Hello hello :)

I'm feeling good today and one thing that's undoubtedly contributed to that has to be that I've finally gotten some help with the slideshow seen on Smoke In The Rain's homepage :D  Hopefully this wonderful lady will also be able to help me sort out the last few kinks in the new template/look, mainly with the categories and moving all the posts to their respective ones.  Here's hoping!!

Going to have a bite to eat, tick off a few things on this Tuesday's to-do list (London flat-hunting begins: NOW!), and workout a bit.  I say a bit, because if I over-work one more body part that will keep me away from work, I will be a very frustrated little person :P  Hoping to tone-up and sliver off a kilo or two before the trip to Turkey that nearly just a month away.  So excited!! Have any of you been?  Feedback--the good, the bad, and the memorable? ;)

Take care,


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