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10 April, 2014

Take Another Shot

I've now polished off that entire box of chocolates and have walked myself through and taken notes on everything I need to know about Korea, mainly the DPRK, the Syrian Civil War/Crisis, the USA shutdown, and am finishing up on the the ins & outs of English politics (this one's always gotten to me!) before I have a bit to eat and head out the door and to work :)

Where has this week gone?! Days seem so long and yet so short, as time overall is just slipping through my fingers.  Can't believe tomorrow's Friday already, have no concept as to what I've even done this week--not a fan of that feeling.

The two first pictures below are taken from the day Mads & I were flat hunting and had multiple viewings--one of which is our home/flat now.  Strange to think that it was back in January and that we've lived here for only 2 months as it's gone by so fast.

Apologies for the boring updates but life is quite simple these days.  Just trying my best to work hard
and enjoy the people around me and to focus on my happiness.  What more can you do?

All my love,

**I claim no rights or ownership to/of the above image (quote).  All rights go to its original owner.**

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