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25 April, 2014

Sparkling Water Lilies

What a stunning afternoon!!

I'm taken completely aback by how drop-dead-gorgeous of a day it is, it automatically brightens my mood.  Popped on my favourite maxi dress and I'm thinking about making a few snacks to take down to the water along with a blanket, some sun-tan lotion, and my notebook.  Politics homework out in the sun near the sea--doesn't sound like the worst idea for today :)

Mads will hopefully be coming down for a Greek dinner tonight.  Perfect timing as I was craving Greek food just yesterday!  Mama knows best ;) Mmm, I can taste the lamb and tzatziki already! Perhaps a pre-summer night stroll down to the harbour for some dessert afterwards as well? EHEHEH I'm in such a great mood it's likely borderline obnoxious.

Go out! Enjoy the beautiful weather! Don't worry, be happy!
I'll stop now…



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