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04 April, 2014

South Park Told Us To...

SO typical of me to completely have forgotten to post these pictures from our 7-month anniversary (It'd forgotten my phone at home, of course and used Mads' instead)!  By now, it'll nearly be our 8-monthly haha My apologies!!

We don't ever do anything over-the-top for our anniversaries really.  Usually just the most-needed things….good food, good wine, each others' company, and of course, some good lingerie ;)  We'd been watching South Park earlier witnessed some delicious looking ribs involved in said episode.

Although neither of us said anything when the time came for us to decide what to do for the night--take-out or actually going out, I'm well-convinced that we had ulterior motives for quickly, unanimously deciding on an American restaurant we'd heard of via Caroline.

RIBS GALORE!!  The restaurant is called Bones, across from Viggos if anyone in the Odense vicinity is looking for some mouth-wateringly ribs, I'd recommend it so far :)

It was so cosy!! Reminded me a lot of a family favourite sports bar, Goldies, back in Arizona with all of the American sports jerseys etc. hanging on the wall.  I spotted some really cool and some incredibly funny things they had decorating the place as well that I photographed in order to share below.

Enjoy the beauty that is all things American :P


Lovin' the fact that "small" isn't even an option! :D

Who doesn't love salad and ice cream? ;) #Murica

"Americans & their football…"

Such cute chairs :) Very fitting!

Testing myself on whether or not I could remember all of the 50 states…didn't do all too badly!!
As you can tell by my reaction below.

Best for last of course ;)


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