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09 April, 2014

"My heart is a dancer beating like a disco drum"

Good afternoon everyone :)

I'm off to make a bit of lunch and perhaps soak in a Game of Thrones episode or….7.  I've discovered that multi-tasking and watching Game of Thrones isn't the best of ideas (you miss 20 seconds and you will be obscenely confused and have likely missed a key element in that season's plot) so I'm taking breaks in between tackling my to do list to curb my GOT craving :D

Slept a bit better last night though I wasn't in bed before 2:30-3 ish. after Skyping with my dear, darling baby sister for a couple of hours.  She's off to New York today (I'm a jelly belly!) for an unforgettable trip, I'm sure!! Safe travels to you, Lina :)

Loads to do today and I'm feeling productive!
Just wanted to check in with you all and wish you a good Wednesday and clearly, to share my vast amount of Game of Thrones knowledge ;)



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