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02 April, 2014

It's Reigning Blog Posts, Hallelujah!

Good morning :)

I've been an early riser these past few days and proper proud of it!! Amazing how much you can get done when you're up before the time reaches double digits ;)

Managed to clean the flat  (a weekly necessity at this point….I leave for a day and I can barely see the cloud of rubbish and filth :P), work on my lovely new blog format for a good 6 hours or so, prepare lunches for Mads, sort out some important documents, water and pot all of my plants, sort out our washing, and unpack a few boxes before making dinner for us both.  I can't believe I have this much stuff yet to be unpacked and placed throughout my home.  I'd nearly forgotten about the 5 moving boxes of clothing, shoes, books, and other miscellaneous items that were at my grandparents'.

Another positive aspect of my productive Tuesday was to add a new TV show to my never-ending list.
Queens, Kings, drama, the beautiful scenery, the battles for forbidden and dangerous love, THE PRETTY DRESSES, and again, me and time periods <3

Something not so unexpected given my taste and on-going desire to be a royal, but the fashion involved in the show is impeccable in my opinion.  They've managed to sneak in some modern-turned-old-fashioned looks in there such as transparent lace peplum amongst others I now seem to have forgotten.  Hmmmm….Not sure it's all too historically accurate but I'm in love with the combination, nonetheless!!

Regarding ze blog updates.  I'm trying to get in contact with the creator of the new format to aid me in the last few, but incremental steps before she's up and running at full capacity!!  This entails somehow moving all of my hundreds of posts to their respective categories in the menu bar you'll see on the home page.  That, and to perhaps somehow manage to put my own pictures into the cool new mini-slideshow feature so that I don't have random peoples' wedding photographs dancing about on my blog :D Just a thought/hope that should soon be solved.

Thank you all so very much for your patience.  I know it's been a bit hectic recently but I promise it'll all work itself (well, maybe not…might need a bit of a push from me ;) ) soon enough and will be worth the wait and potential confusion.

All my love on this beautiful Wednesday morning being sent to you,

P.S. The TV series I spoke of above is called "Reign" incase my incredibly clever post title wasn't clear :P

P.P.S. I am back home in Odense again but forgot to post these wonderful snapshots of a stunning Sunday morning in Svendborg :)


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