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05 April, 2014

Game of Thrones & Reign: A Hairstyle

Evening my sweets :)
Hope you've all had a good, cosy day indoors--out of the cold, rainy weather.
The boy is on his way here for a lovely dinner with "the elders" before we head back home to Odense for a Sunday together.  It'll be so nice to have a day just for us since we, although we reside under the same roof, don't actually see one another for more than a couple of hours daily.

It's nothing intricate….wish it was but my skills simply don't stretch that far, but I decided to spice up my regular hairstyle with some inspiration from both Game of Thrones and Reign :)  Can't go wrong with plaits and darker eye makeup, now can we?

It's definitely a mix between the two shows,not more one than the other, (at least not intentionally so) with bold brows, smokey eyes with a hint of light, metallic green, raspberry-coloured lips, and a simplistic-yet-effective hairstyle with the three plaits.  The pearls, loafers, tribal-print shirt, and jet-black pants are a nice combo.

Going to pack up and help out in the kitchen before Mads shows up for din dins.  I've made a post regarding the scrumptious Seafood Medley we had yesterday for dinner but am missing the pictures.  I don't know why, and it worries me, but my camera doesn't seem to want to connect to my computer! :O Fingers crossed it's just being stupid and that it will cooperate with me ASAP.

Still trying to figure out this new blog format and how to get it all sorted out--no luck contacting anyone of help as of yet.  I'll wait until Monday, Wednesday at the latest, before taking more drastic action.

Thanks for your patience everyone :)



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