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08 April, 2014

Fabulous: Little Black Heels (LBH)

Such a lovely surprise to have Mads home 2 hours earlier than expected and even more so when he walked through the door with a parcel containing these sexy new additions!

I accidentally shipped them to England, unaware that Just Fab UK didn't ship outside of the UK, but my lovely Lils (who's arrival date is now in 10 days exactly!!) took care of posting them to me and I am so ridiculously in love with them.

They're just what I've been looking for for my trip to Turkey with Mads and his family, rapidly approaching in mid-May and the sizing couldn't be any more perfect or they'd simply be too small!! Lucky me!!

If you're interested and living within the UK, their make is Kena, available here for 49 GBP or 35 GBP (as a VIP member) in both black, pink, and a sea foam green:

I was so tempted to snatch them up in every colour but, shock, I chose another pair of LBH's to add to my growing collection and they will more than suffice for the time being.  Amazing how a pair of shoes can brighten your day, eh? :)

I've long since given up on spending the big bucks on shoes that will be used for the most part daily or for going-out.  Just Fab UK is my shoe paradise when it comes to needing heels for a great price & quality to match that I won't sob (too much) over when the day comes that they need to be thrown away.

Off to cook us up some grub.  The boy's been going on about hamburgers for days now so I think I'll give in ;)



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