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21 April, 2014

Easter 2014

Good evening bunnies :)
Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter Holiday and that your bellies are well stuffed with delicious food.

We went to my mum's yesterday for board games and burgers and then to Mads' parents today so that the boys could set up the gate & fence for their doggie, Diesel, (pictured here: ), we could see his niece before she headed back home, and of course to catch up and enjoy each others company with some yummy food!!  Even managed to get through a good 5-6 pages of reading and notes on Colonialism ;)

Was so lovely, especially with how wonderful the weather has been these past few days!!  It really gets you in a summer mood :)  I've already packed down the warmest of winter clothes and have started breaking out the strapless dresses and my go-to summer jacket, my graduation jacket from last year.  It's so cool and bears with it such great memories that I've decided it matches everything.  The fact that it has leather sleeves makes it its nice and warm--perfect for light, breezy summer nights.

The transition from Winter to Spring, and soon Summer is official as I've switched from nude loafers to the bright pink ones :D (kind of kidding, but not really).  They go so well with all of the festive, warm colours that come with the change in seasons and I can't help but pair it with my favourite pink lipstick for the perfect daily go-to look.

My stomach's not used to copious amounts of deliciousness being given to it in hourly intervals so I'm taking it easy with the boy, watching Orphan Black, a new TV series I've finally given a go.  The acting is superb and you can't help but love a gay Brit, right?!  Already 7 episodes in and I think it's a winner.  A bit strange for my taste but it works.



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