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18 April, 2014

Better Than Words

You realise you've reached the point of addiction when it comes to Game of Thrones when you're dreaming about having lunch with your little sister and father in London and chaos strikes because in the middle of it all someone's taken your dragon eggs…

Good morning to you too!! :D
Been up early preparing and decorating the flat for Easter before the girlies arrival this afternoon.  Thinking sushi for tonight before we grab a few drinks and head out the door for a GNO.  I don't remember the last time I went out or even drank since my birthday a little over a month ago now so I'm going to have to take it easy, I'm out of practice! ;)

It was a long but rewarding day at work yesterday that ended in Mads picking me up a little past 11 (oh, how I dislike public transportation) after officially passing the test (which was really more of a public practical joke) and becoming a part of the Bella family (beautiful chocolate Easter eggs include--yum, yum, yum!) :)

Going to go pick out some outfits for the day before doing my nails, showering, and potentially taking a little nap before Mette & Lily arrive, I'm exhausted!!

Happy Easter to you all out there and have a wonderful Friday & holiday weekend :*


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