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28 April, 2014

Angels & Sailors

After all this talk of it, I'm happy/excited to finally be bale share with you the outcome of our photo-shoot!!  I really wanted to go for a modernised take on a vintage outfit and corresponding time period, moments, in honour of my grandmother's birthday and the year for which she was born.

The fact that both of my grandparents have sailed for decades and were involved in the building, naming, etc. of multiple ships gave me the idea for this shoot.  The classic, iconic photographs and films that have shown the romantic moment where two lovers are reunited provided plenty inspiration as well.  

Here's my attempt at capturing the joy & excitement those women felt (and still feel I'm assuming when they were/are waiting for their men to come home from sea… Hope you like it!

The dress is Forever 21 and the shoes are ASOS.



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