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23 April, 2014


I feel as though I've been at a lost with regard to posting recently…and no wonder!!

Finally gave up on my camera chord and just popped in the SIM instead.  The result? 508 pictures :D Hopefully this will make for some more enjoyable posts to come, though some will be delayed there's not much to do about that now except enjoy them as they come and thank my lucky stars that I realised my computer has a place to plug in my memory card directly!! Happy I've got "a little" more to work with now ;)

I'm not sure if you've felt it recently as well but SMITR hasn't been at it's bests--and this is why!! What's a bunch of promises and hype with no result/proof of course?! This ought to make up for that cos it's not that I haven't been thinking of y'all and working hard :)

Neither of us are all too hungry today so I've just whipped up something light and easy.  I always make sure to have tuna, peas, corn, and eggs in the house (if I have feta cheese, that's only a plus) because throw them all together and you've got the perfect salad.  Tried adding some avocado today and it's a great new addition to a recipe that's all but classic in my family.  Pick (or avoid) your dressing of choice, have a bit of bread on the side (we prefer garlic :) ) and you're set for lunch &/or dinner.

Spent hours of my time this morning dealing with SU (Danish governmental support for students…essentially) and after over 6 months, it hopefully  will all fall into place and be taken care of completely within 2-3 weeks time.  If that's the case, it's the biggest weight lifted off of my shoulders!!  One thing to wake up and deal with is never enough so of course, I had to deal with my previous phone company, 3, sending me yet ANOTHER bill even though I left them as a customer over a month ago after they charged me ridiculous amounts for a SIM card that doesn't work for my phone (as it's locked we've discovered) and thereby hadn't ever been used.

Super in-detail b.s. with them but they've cheated both me and my grandfather, who previously stood named on my phone's contract as I wasn't of legal age, out of hundreds and thousands of kroner.  Watch out for them, seriously so incredibly dissatisfied with the way they're playing things recently, and that's after using them for the first three years that I lived in Denmark.  On top of all of that, they over-charge you massively in comparison to the prices other phone companies offer so long-story-short?  To anyone who uses "3", I warn you and urge you to reconsider.

Enough ranting for now!! Going to enjoy dinner and this week's GOT (Game of Thrones) episode while wrapping up my notes on Leninism's influence on colonialism.

Loads of love,


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