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05 March, 2014

White Rose, An Editorial

Fitting, as since poor Caroline was home sick and unable to attend my birthday festivities (posts are on their way but there are a lot of pictures to sort through!), gave Laura a beautiful white rose to bring instead :)

This editorial is flawless. I love everything about it!! The lighting, the clothing (I'll take one of everything and cherish it as if it was my first-born child), the chosen model, the angle at which the shots are taken.  It's simplistic but with a twist that can just keep you starting at a single photograph for minutes at a time.  Here are some of my favourite shots from the piece:

**Porter Magazine #1 Spring, 2014**
Photographed by: Camilla Akrans
Modeled by: Julia Frauche
Styled by: Sissy Vian


**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above images. All credit goes to their rightful owners.**

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