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04 March, 2014

"Umm, I only eat chicken, fish... and your meatballs."

You never realise exactly how much time and effort goes into your favourite dish when you're only served it time after time by family and friends; you don't realise this until you have to prepare it yourself.

Enter : Danish meatballs

Frikadeller in themselves don't take more than an hour and a half to make (and that's stretching it a bit) but the cucumber salad, potato salad, and carrot salad that accompany it...well, they took up my entire day.  After pealing the carrots, potatoes, boiling what needed to be boiled, chopping everything up, making the adjacent dressings...I think you get the picture.  Right knackered and still wandering around the flat in my nightgown when Caro and Josie arrived for dinner followed by Laura and her big sister, Avi.

I could have sworn that one of the girlie coming was a vegetarian so I thought to double check with Caro as she's known them ages more than I and I got the green light for a meaty feast.  Then as Josie wanders out into the kitchen, it hits me.  SHE is a Pescetarian.  Before I managed to fly right off the handle she assured me with the title of this lovely post... *inhale, exhale*

The rest of the night looks an awful lot like how everyone expected my meatballs to turn out: black.
In the mad rush that was getting Laura and Avi dressed up as Harajuku girl for Twisted's "A Night In Japan" and attempting to converse, clean, and prepare ourselves...we forgot about pictures.



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