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20 March, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 20.3.014

Throwback to...
Sunny, sunny days!! Family, friends, and a bit of bubbly...what more could you want? Throw in an ocean view and a summer night that all-but urges bare legs and you've got yourself a perfect day :)  Hoping for many of these to come around this summer.  I'm so excited that winter seems to be over and that Spring has arrived that I keep forgetting we have to get through Spring before summer rolls around!!

These pictures were taken on Midsummer's Night last summer. AHHHHHHH, I miss wearing my graduation hat!! Wonder if I could convince people I graduated again this summer?? :P

Hope y'all have had a good week.  Sorry for the lack of posts but of course, that ear trouble did indeed turn out to be one doozie of an ear infection that's knocked me off my feet yet again!!



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