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13 March, 2014

Spring Favourite: Low Vamp Point-toe Open Strap Sandals

My favourite pick for Spring is unavoidable!! There's nothing better than having the perfect pair of sandals...except having 5 of them.  You might say that's my addiction talking but with the ones I have found and fallen in love with so far, I could buy 5 and still not break the bank (though now that I see that as it's written, maybe it is a bit excessive).

It's like the classic sandal and a ballet flat were smushed into one--the modern-twist that reeled me and all but solidified the fact that I'll be living in these for the next few months!!  They're just as chic as a pair of sandal heels (though don't get me wrong, a girl can never have too many sandal heels either!) but these will take up less-than half the space in your suitcase.  Perfect, if you've already got your summer vacation all lined up!!

Here are some that have caught my eye so far from the ever-reliable, ASOS.


ASOS LETS GO Ballet Flats, 274 DKK

ASOS LA BAMBA Ballet Flats, 215 DKK

ASOS LA BAMBA Ballet Flats (in white), 215 DKK

ASOS LADYBUG Pointed Ballet Flats, 215 DKK

New Look Kove Two Part Point Flat Shoes, 176 DKK


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