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10 March, 2014

Shattered Sunshine

A few days after I loaned out my second spare phone charger to a friend of mine, what happens?! MINE.BREAKS.  I've ordered a new one but the soonest I can get it will be on Wednesday :(

That means all of the wonderful pictures I took today on this beautiful, beautiful day out in Odense with the boy will be a bit delayed.  Working on a few different things for you guys, get excited :)  I guess I'll have to risk running around with the professional camera then, much as that does frighten me.

On these depressing notes, I'm on my last two episodes of my newest hook/addiction: Suits. WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE?!

Looking on the bright side of life, my online grocery order showed up today, right on time!!
I'm a genius, and potentially still have a deep-set problem with shopping online (I hate people....) but the dry ice that protected our frozen goods?! Worth it.  How can something so small be so entertaining?! Pictures to come :)

This means I finally have ingredients to make my favourite drink, smoooooothiieeeesssss, again!! What's a workout without one? Or a morning? Or living...Hmmm.

Also, my leg is *knock on wood* seemingly doing much better today so let's hope I'm all ready for my first day at work this Thursday!!

Y'all better have been outside, prancing around in t-shirts and mini-skirts today, because even I, forever living in the dark cave that is my flat, ventured out into the sunlight...and loved it.



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