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26 March, 2014

Pirates Are Therapeutic

…or in the least, very, very helpful, so it seems. My headaches might also be making me slightly more delusional than normal but there is an apparent connection!!

There'd gone a strangely large amount of time since I'd managed my songwriting and then, oddly enough, as soon as I swallowed up Season 1 of Black Sails within the course of…well, a day, I've managed to write 7.  Pretty content at the moment, I won't even lie ;)

Relaxing on my final day off makeup less and in my terrible/wonderful Minnie Mouse PJ pants before I'm officially off to my first day at work!! It's been delayed ridiculously and I was so scared I would get sick when Mads came home feeling icky but thankfully *knock on wood* *knock on wood* *knock on wood* it doesn't seem to be the case.  I'm so excited/nervous!!! Wish me luck :)

Halfway to the weekend already…time is flying well out of my hands these days.  Enjoy every moment!


**I do not claim any ownership or rights of the above image. All credit goes to its rightful owners.**


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