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22 March, 2014


It's finally been done!! :)
Not much of a change from before as due to winter, my hair naturally seems to fall under the "ombre" colour category but I decided to enhance it a bit (though, regrettably not as much as I'd hoped in these pictures).  I chopped off a pretty decent bit getting rid of my ridiculous split ends so it's a whole-new look I need to get used to.  Hopefully it will grow back faster and healthier than before now that it's been trimmed a bit.  Excuse the lack of makeup, I've had the worst of headaches these past 2 hours.  I've been eating healthy and eating my vitamins, wearing enough clothes...but my immune system just doesn't seem to be at it's best!! Any tips there?

Making a new recipe tonight, I'll be sure to post about it a little later :)

Loads of lovin',


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