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06 March, 2014

My 19th. Birthday: By Day

Afternoon love bugs :)
Is it just me or has this week just flown by!! We're already nearly through the first week of March!! EEEEeeeppp!!!!!

Up at 9:30, cooking by 10, and I didn't leave the kitchen except to help clean.  It was one hell of a day but thankfully everything went off without any detrimental problems and that's always something, especially for me.  Again, a pretty simple meal, but so much more time consuming when you have to triple the ingredients and thereby preparation time.  I surprisingly didn't mind using the entire day preparing, it was nearly therapeutic :)

Of course, the one thing I forgot to photograph was the meat as  I needed to re-heat it before bringing it out (where it was thereafter devoured before I had a fighting chance to even find my camera).  Need not worry!! There was seasoned shredded beef, fajita chicken slices, and BBQ rib meat for our tacos and burritos (and for some yummy leftovers the day following).

In the middle of me cooking in my PJ's, the most beautiful springtime bouquet of tulips arrived from Daddy & Lina across the big blue.  As hoped, they fit right into the apartment and gave it that extra "oomph" that it so required for the evening festivities ahead.


P.S. Cake creds go to Mummy Dearest


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