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04 March, 2014

Morfar's 81st.

Extraordinarily hungover  still intoxicated, we drove down to Svendborg for the festivities.  A near-tradition now is me being the photographer so I put my original hyper-ness to good use before the overwhelming amount of exhaustion hit me.  I promised the girlies that night out/dinner but decided beforehand to go home early.  I just went home with more alcohol in my tummy than originally planned haha

A lovely breakfast, really nice to see all of the family and friends that come along with these birthdays but the most amazing part has to be the reflection.  The fact that after 15 years of living on a different continent I lost the opportunity to participate in such events but by being in Denmark for nearly 4 years now, I got to.

Mads and I passed time until the traditional dinner at Bella Italia at mummy's watching videos of me tap dancing, doing my step-ball-change like no one's business, and throwing around pom-poms like I was born to do it!! Once we made it to Bella I got the fantastic news that not only did I get the job as a waitress there but that I get to start as early as Thursday!! Originally we all thought they'd only have time for me come summer but this is x100 better :)

Two of my aunts have worked there before and the owners have seen countless generations of my family members hanging out down there from childhood to adulthood so it's a really cool experience for me and I only hope that I can do it justice!!


(this would have been an adorable picture...if he didn't look like such an arseh*le ;) )


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