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14 March, 2014

Kardashians & Soup

Afternoon :)
Still stuck at home in bed, it'll be a very relaxed weekend on my part as I try to rest-up and get better so I get start work next week.

There have been some big improvements though so that's a positive.  My fever's gone down a lot, I can stand up on my own now, and I've graduated from eating only ice cubes to enjoying a bit of soup & pasta, Vitamin Water, and a popsicle or two here & there.  Even better? I hope I don't jinx it but, I haven't thrown up in nearly 48 hours (WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!) Sorry if that's a bit TMI but I couldn't help sharing as that's pretty much been the worst part of this darn Stomach Flu that's apparently going around.

I'm gonna watch some more of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and then hit the hay until the boy comes home to entertain me.

Loads of lovin', hope you guys are having a more eventful Friday than myself :)



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