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11 March, 2014

It's Springtime & I'm In Love

Oh, Hallelujah!! I got my phone charger back from my mate and we are back on track here :)

It was the most beautiful day and the boy didn't have to go in for work until later in the afternoon so we were able to pick up my jacket (of course I forgot not one, but two...still working on getting the second one back...from a night out), hit the bank, the phone repair store, the post office, grocery store, and he decided that since he hasn't been home too much lately that we'd do an impromptu lunch date.

I immediately fell in love with the way the café was setup and decorated, although the burger I got was a let-down.  I suppose my American roots come out strong when it comes to meals like this.  Still, a really cosy place though I don't think I'll return there considering the other wonderful options.  Odense is essentially a city built on the foundation of hundreds of cafés (in my opinion)!!

Afterwards we just had a bit of a walk-around just to enjoy the weather and each other's company.  I love a day that involves me going bare-legged out in the sun that requires nothing but a blazer to beat the crisp wind.

We came home to the boat-load of nicely packed groceries, dry ice included!! That was nothing short of sincerely entertaining...for the 10 minutes it lasted.  Then I went in to admire how full our candy basket was once again!!


Don't mock my public selfie-taking. The result will only be glorious.


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