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06 March, 2014

"...I Workout!"

Phew!! I'm feeling pretty hardcore right now.  You know the feeling right after an amazing (or any) workout?! Unbeatable...until I have to reach something above my head, then I'll collapse.  Did roughly 35 minutes of toning followed by 30 min. of yoga and it feels great to get back into it!!

I wish I could do more but the most important part is to start strong, be consistent, and challenge yourself.  So essentially...if I can give it my all every time, this being approx. every other day, and constantly try to do more/better reps...I'll be bikini-ready, happier, and healthier before I know it :) The boy's family trip to Turkey in May sounds like some good inspiration!!

I did repetitions of nearly everything in less time than I used to be able to do doing less so I'm proper proud of myself :)  Now the boy (back from the gym) and I are enjoying some post-workout smoothies before I get started on a healthy dinner.  I'm thinking salmon, steamed veggies, and either potatoes or rice.

Hope you've had a good day, I can't believe it's already Friday tomorrow!
Take care, and work hard!!



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