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29 March, 2014

Dinner Party: Sneak Peek

Evening all :)
I hope your Saturday has been satisfactory and spent out in the stunning weather if at all possible.  Decided to put in a little bit extra effort in getting ready for dinner tonight since ether boy's on his way to join the dinner party as well.  Since I've started working, there'll go nearly 5 days without us seeing each other and I felt it'd be best for me to stay in Svendborg for the weekend to avoid transport costs and to be with the family for a bit.

Can't wait :) Mummy's been in the kitchen for hours now and it smells marvellous!  I have barely eaten today and my tummy's rumbling and ready :D

Went for a basic bombshell look with a grey/purple smokey eye with hints of brown, a pink, girlie Barbie-lip, and straight blonde locks.  Hopefully you all can see the Ombre a bit better in the picks to come.  Gonna go out and help with the finishing touches now :)



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