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24 March, 2014

Daily Makeup: A Tutorial

It's so beautiful and sunny outside and (for a change) I'm home taking care of the boyf. who's sick for probably the (max) 3rd. time in his life, waiting on a call from work.  Been dealing with technicalities and problems early this morning.  Love starting my day yelling at unreasonable people over the phone...

My daily makeup routine has an odd fluidity to it, changing every so often...usually right as I'm getting a bit bored or unsatisfied with the previous.  Here's one of my top 3 daily makeup looks if you're looking for something new, fresh, and natural.  It's pretty basic and...wait for it...the best part...takes under 10 minutes to do!! Whoop whoop!! My personal favourite part as well ;)


I personally prefer my hair with a bit of curl in it.  It's not every day that it agrees with me however.  This part is thereby, optional.

Start: Before

That awkward moment when you decide to do a makeup tutorial and your eyebrow brush and pencil go missing.

One of my favourite eyeshadow brushes (Nilens Jord) that although it breaks consequently, I have yet to find a better one that has the same shape that I adore as much...It also works just fine when I lose my eyebrow utensils!! 

Using a brown (I usually go for a colour that's as close to my hair roots as possible) eyeshadow colour from my infamous Forever 21 eyeshadow kit that's been with me for nearly 4 years!! It was ridiculously inexpensive and it's still my favourite.

Next up: Mascaraaaaa

Take note ladies!! Always a good idea to apply mascara before eyeshadow.  I made the mistake of doing the opposite countless times before getting into the routine of doing otherwise!

Ahhh, the decision as to whether or not I actually want to use eyeshadow.

Today, we say MEH, no thanks...We'll do without :)

I use Revlon's Age Defying Moisturising Concealer in Light for under-eye circles and any other problem areas I might be having at that point in time.  Aided by my trusty Authentic Organic natural EcoTools buffing brush (my love, my love, my love!) available here: 

With the use of my all-time favourite brush, I apply a light cover of Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream in shade Light 100 ( all over.

One of my makeup secrets is to use a bit of the BB cream to go over my eyebrows to make sure they're even and not too big/dark and to shape my eyeshadow (if used).  Great to sweep under your eyes to get rid of any residue as well (naughty, naughty...I know).

Another beauty product that I swear by!! I'm terrible at trying new ones because once I find one that I'm overly satisfied with, I like to stay overly satisfied with it.  This is L'Oreal's Infallible Eyeliner in Black Noir: 
I apply a thin line on the lower waterline of my eye and on the upper waterline to line the eye and make it pop/seem more open (I'll spare you the creepy pictures there).

I discovered this bronzer that I like to double (against any makeup artists' will) as a contour this summer while borrowing Caroline's for a night out.   It's by MAC in Refined Golden available here: 

Tip: Be sure to tap the brush gently on the compact (same with powder and blush) to avoid a thick, cakey, striped look before applying.  

I apple a bit on my cheekbones, temples, and around my jawline ("push" downwards towards your neck avoid a line).

I go back-and-forth from using powder or not as often as I switch them.  I've yet to find one that's just right and that can actually handle one of my night's out in my clutch without ruining it by cracking and crumbling all of the place!! Feel free to let me know if you recommend any products :)  Use the tapping technique here as well and apply enough to "set" your makeup and to manage a light, matte look.

Finally, a bit of natural colour on the lips.  I've used this lipstick for a little over 2 years now and can only get it via E-bay most of the time.  It's Rimmel's Pink Excess 010 and it gives the perfect, effortless, natural pink tone to your lips.

The very last touch is a bit of my Covergirl Lipslick in Demure (also, only available online...mostly E-bay) to my lips to blend in with the previous lipstick.  I love the colour they create, it adds a more natural feel to my look and with this, my lips stay nice and moisturised!

End: After


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