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04 March, 2014

Crazy Daze

Good morning everyone :)
The usual "I'm sorry I haven't been posting" post here for you.
It's been a crazy past few days, it's all a wonderful, jam-packed blur.  Loads of updates, pictures, and posts to follow.

Had the girls over for dinner before an absolutely mental night out, followed by my grandfather's 81st. birthday bright & early in the morning the day after.  Ended up staying at mummy's for the night, and dinner the day following, got my nails done, and sorted through my entire childhood life--inclusive of adorable dance videos and photo-shoots only to return to Odense for dinner at Mads' parents'.  The next day was consumed with preparation for yours truly's birthday party and the amazing, and stressful, events that followed.

Barely time to sleep, never-mind find the time to upload, edit, write, and organise pictures for a trillion posts :/

Hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday was as great as mine :)



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