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23 March, 2014

Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches: A Recipe

Another quick, simple, easy recipe (no, seriously...less than 10 steps!) that works well for either lunch or a light dinner.

I'm a big fan of chicken caesar salad as you all know so when I happened upon this, I fell for it head-over-heels.  We both pretty much inhaled this dish!! A definite winner in our household :D

What You'll Need:

-Chicken (I chose to use 2 packs of chicken breasts (just enough for about 4-5 sandwiches) but if you want some broth leftover, breasts with skin & bone are a good idea.  Mind you, it does take longer though :) )

-Caesar Dressing

-Parmesan Cheese

-Ground pepper

-Romaine Lettuce

-Buns (I used Ciabatta)

What To Do With It:

1.) Let the chicken defrost ahead of time
2.)  Boil a large soup pot (large enough for all of the chicken breasts to fit in comfortably and stay under the water in order for them to all be equally cooked (pink: NO NO!!)).
3.)  Pop in your chicken of choice once you've removed the fat (if you're short of time, slice it up so it'll cook faster) and let it boil!!  Chicken breast halves without skin need about 20-30 min. to cook, Chicken breasts with skin and bone need around 30-40.
4.)  Take this time to wash and chop up some romaine lettuce, and if you're using whole Parmesan, grate about 1/2 a cup.
5.)  Once the chicken has finished boiling, drain it through a sieve (unless you're keeping the cooking liquid for which case line the sieve to make the broth clearer), and let it cool down.  This will make peeling it into shreds easier.
6.)  Place the chicken back in the pot and drizzle the Caesar dressing, cheese, and pepper on top.  Stir it up until all of the chicken is evenly covered and let it cook until it's hot.
7.)  While the chicken mixture is heating up, toast your buns so they're nice and warm for your meal.  Add the chicken and lettuce and they are ready to be served and enjoyed!!



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