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12 March, 2014

Babes Over Brunch: Preparations

Good afternoon my lovely readers :)

It's Mads' first official day back to his old job so that meant an early rise (we're talking right about the time of the sunrise) at 5:45 A.M. sharp!! He's become quite fond, nearly accustomed to my wake-up right smoothies so I thought It'd be a nice gesture to wake up and support him on his first day as well.

Everyone knows I love my sleep but I will stand by the statement that if I know that I've got something important to do (thank you, travel experience) I'll practically jump out of bed!!  It was clearly more motivating knowing that I had the opportunity to go back to my nice warm bed after he left but surprisingly I resisted and instead I've spent the morning cleaning the flat (it never ends!!), rearranging a bit, and preparing brunch for my lovely Louise who's back in Denmark for Spring Break in London.

I haven't seen this girl since summer as every time one of us has been in Denmark, there's just been too much to do to be able to see each other.  This time around, no excuses!! I'm so excited to see her, to hear about her experience with uni, London, being away from home.  I'm sure there will be some common ground and feelings towards it all (something that always placates me when I've made &/or about to make a big decision in my life) and undoubtedly, some fantastic conversation.

Off to put the final touches on everything, I'll keep you posted with more pictures later on!!  Until then, here is what little Louise has to expect.

Hope you're week is going well :)



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