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11 March, 2014

Asian Beef & Lettuce Wraps: A Well-Meant Recipe

I had the most random craving for a meal that I've only had once this past Christmas in AZ the other day from the likes of a restaurant along the lines of Panda Express.  It was surprisingly amazing considering it wasn't actually what I ordered.  I'd love to share the recipe with you guys, I'd actually just stared typing it up when I realised that the herbs that I deemed as "Asian-y"after smelling them.

This would be after I decided to make this dish for the first time....and after I realised I didn't have half of the ingredients to do so...followed by me deciding that I work best under pressure and that I'm fabulous at improvising.  This mixed bunch of deliciousness are some that I got from my mum that just-so-happen to be unlabelled thereby deeming my otherwise well-meant recipe idea, useless.

So instead I'll tell you all that if you were to google this recipe, you don't need all the fancy ingredients that I wouldn't even know where to get anyways, and that peanut butter, soy sauce, random "Asian" spices, and mandarin juice will get you a long way with seasoning the beef!!  Apart from that, anyone can boil some rice and wash and separate the Iceberg lettuce.  Overall a ridiculously easy recipe where the rice was the thing that took up time!!

The result? Never having Panda Express again when I know for a fact now that I can make something twice as good in under 45 minutes ;)

**Hint: It's meant to have a pretty decent kick to it (the Chili powder) so be sure to balance it out with some white rice and candy-like mandarins (or veggies I suppose if you want to be healthier and more authentic).

Loads of love and luck to you (and I promise that if and when I discover the name of the magic Asian-y herb bag, I'll let you know!!),



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