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09 March, 2014

As A Sunday Should Be

Hello all and happy Sunday :)

The fact that it's Sunday should generate enough happiness but this stunning, stunning weather is the biggest, sweetest, juiciest cherry-on-top!!

If only I could have enjoyed it more but of course, in my hardcore first-time workout in god-knows how long, I over-worked (hopefully that's all!!) a muscle in my right leg that has made doing anything very difficult up until this afternoon where I proceeded to carefully clean the flat until it sparkled!! My way of celebrating the arrival of Spring ;) I'm special, I know.

Now that the boy's home, we've picked up a few things to last us until my massive online order of groceries comes tomorrow morning, and popped by the candy shop...What's a Sunday without sugar?!

I can't put all too much weight on my leg so I'm doing something quick and easy for dinner that will settle both of our cravings (and the avocado day: perfect, the next? Dead, so dead), nachos!! Of course, he can cook but I've become very fond of doing so :)  I finally understand what my father used to say about it being relaxing, and a nice escape...what better way to accomplish those two things that doing something required of you nearly every day?!

After jamming (CAREFULLY...UGH) to YoncĂ©'s, "Partition" while cooking up some dinner I am proper ready serious one-on-one time with my.....candy bag.   The football game on telly just finished (FCK!!! WUHAHAHA I live in the wrong city.) and a Liam Neeson movie is all I need to complete the night.

What do you guys think of the song and the newly-released music video? I for one am obsessed. So sexy, and I'm more in love with this woman than I was before (who knew it was possible...)!!

Take care, hope you've had a brilliant weekend :)


(Incase you haven' must.


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