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13 February, 2014

Zara: Mini Haul

Sale-gazing never ends well for me...or too well I suppose.  Got the perfect pair of black trousers that I've been searching for forever and took a risk in doing so.  I've never actually found any that suited my fancy in-stores but I'm incredibly paranoid about ordering pants of any sort online.   I guess I got lucky ordering the black trousers in a S and the flowery printed trousers in an XS because both fit!!

So head-over-heels with both of them.  The black ones are classics that you can use year-round and class-up any outfit.  I'm in love with flowery prints like this because they remind me so much of Denmark, summer, and for some reason, my childhood over here.  They put me in the best mood, can't wait to wear them once Spring decides to roll around!!

The blazer was where I lucked out and Polina got a delayed Christmas/birthday/justbecauseIloveyou present.  The size was WAY off, no chance that I would ever fit it.  It was a bit long on her but she and I have completely different body types and she could barely squeeze into it, even with her petite frame.

The last two pants are from Vila, my go-to for all things jegging.  My favourite pair of "jeans" is from them and I've had them for 2 years now and they still fit like a glove!! Finally accepted the fact that I seriously needed more than one pair of black jeans and the nude seemed like a good idea for Spring/Summer.

I have to take a moment to add how beautiful the packaging is with Zara's products.  Most of the time when I order online it's an awful lot of uneccessary rubbish once it's all been packed out but with this, it was simple and as environmentally-friendly as possible.  It felt like opening up layers upon layers of presents, just by lifting the light sections of paper the clothing was packed in.  Pretty, simple, and a bit of love to Mother Earth: happy customer :)



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