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19 February, 2014

Vintage Scenes & Memories

Took the girls to Svendborg to meet the fam.  Mummy made us a lovely brunch (that topped my breakfast the day before :( ) before we drove to a small town called Troense, where my late grandmother used to live.  The only time that I had been there since that I can properly recall was at the hotel for my grandparent's golden wedding anniversary reception, the rest is memories from my childhood and from when my Farmor was sick.

After brunch with mummy, we headed over for a quick look at the flea market from 2 weeks back.  It was more so for the experience than it was because any of us needed anything.  Sometimes it's lovely just to have a look-see.  Came out with a beautiful white and gold embellished cream pitcher that I felt I needed in my new housewife life, as well as some baskets (no such thing as too many baskets!!).

It was the most surreal feeling in itself having the girls that I'd met during my short time in London, here with me in my first flat, with my boyfriend, in having them meet my family and showing them the cherished memories--the amazing and those that are difficult to have to recall--was a strangely good, reflective feeling that was apparently contagious.

I showed them one of my favourite castles--Valdemar Slot, and we all went into full-on girl-mode talking about the future, having a wedding in a place like that, my dream to live in a place like that...poor Mads, the designated chauffeur, just went along with it before we showed them the best bakery in town, Wendorff's, and went to our second flea market of the day.

Our final destination before returning to mummy's for our second gourmet Danish meal of the day, was the grandparents.  Figured it might be nice for them to see who I went to school with in the big city and for them to see the house that owns my heart!!

We proceeded to chit-chat over endless bowls of mummy's homemade chocolates (the girls backed me up in insisting that she begin to sell them!!) and some Chardonnay before consuming embarrassingly large amounts of the famous Danish meatballs I'd been going on about since they landed.  After I convinced Claudia and Jasmin that they could NOT steal my mother, we headed back to our little abode in Odense.

The rest of the night consisted of us girls being in complete hysterics, Mads even helplessly bursting into laughter as well in random intervals in our attempt to teach them some Danish.



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