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19 February, 2014

Valentine's Day: Arrivals from London

After a dinner at mum's the night before and spending the day cleaning our flat spotless, we woke up early to make it to the airport in Billund to pick up Claudia and Jasmin for their first trip to Denmark.

It's a decently long car ride (for someone who has issues sitting still), but the beautiful scenery and my mum's Gloria Gaynor CD helped to pass the time, a bit too well.

Ladies in tow, we headed back to Odense to show them the new abode and to show them a bit of the city and to stock up on enough food and goodies to survive the entire winter (mainly to prepare me for the massive homemade Valentine's Day dinner for 6 later that evening).

Flowers, alcohol, bakeries, sweets, and actual food piled up in the back of the car, we ordered a bit of lunch and began to get ready for the guests.  After kicking the boy out to play some pool with one of his mates, Mikkel, who would be, amongst others, arriving later that evening for a romantic, "Lady & The Tramp" inspired dinner.

This left us three girls to setup, shower, beautify, and cook.
Something that proved to bit slightly more difficult than we had originally assumed but hey, never a dull moment.

After cutting up all the veggies, I asked Jazzy to put the tomato sauce into the pot on full-heat while I allowed myself a quick 10 min. shower.  Assuming this occurred, I poured in the second half of the tomatoes into the pot, wrapped in nothing but my towel, and my kitchen filled up with so much steam/smoke I could barely make my way to the window.  I placed the steaming hot pot down on the floor in order to do so before giving up and running into the already steamy bathroom to try to contain the obscene amount of smoke that had now undoubtedly encapsulated the entirety of my charming little flat.

With the situation somewhat more under control, I returned to the kitchen to turn down the stove and continue in my cooking attempt when I noticed the biggest mark on our floor.........apparently it wasn't as warmth-proof as I had in my moment-of-panic, assumed.  Whoopsies.  Out of desperation, I messaged the boy tell him to stall the guests as long as possible as we had run into some "slight issues" along the way and needed a bit more time to prepare.

As if on queue, guess who walks in the door.  I rush to the bathroom, throw on a big, fluffy robe, and make-upless, with un-brushed hair, resembling nothing less than Smiggle, I let the guest know in a decently high-pitched voice that I wasn't exactly prepared to greet them at the moment.


15 minutes, all I needed was 15 more minutes before my boy's ex-girlfriend's big brother showed up for the evening's festivities....So much for a flawless impression but at least everyone was entertained!!

The rest of the night went off without a hitch, the Bolognese turned out perfectly, as did the homemade salad dressing, and we left for our residential cosy Danish "pub" for a very happy Valentine's Day spent with the best company.  Why celebrate with only one significant other when you can have a whole group?!

Hope you had a lovely day--regardless of your relationship status.  Celebrate every day like it's Valentine's Day!!


Some politically incorrect Valentine's?! Why, how fitting ;)

overtired really makes the best fierce...

V-day themed flowers for the flat


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