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19 February, 2014

'Til Next Time: Love & Goodbye's

I will fully vouch for the fact that these girls gave the completely unreasonable language that is Danish a proper try turning their brief visit.

Not all of what they learnt was, let's say, "blog appropriate", but they managed to pick up on a decent amount of words and phrases that could be used on a daily basis.

Out of those,  my favourite ended up being when, with her big green eyes and puppy dog point, Claudia looked at me and said, "Jeg elsker dig...farvel!" meaning, "I love you...goodbye!"

Priceless and beyond what the word "adorable" could even begin to possibly describe.  

There wasn't all too much time for more than just that when, after taking away what was left of my poor boy's sanity by singing/screeching One Direction songs on our way to the airport (I'll spare you that video), we finally arrived.

After a few quick photo's, laughing over Claudia's newbie traveling techniques, and dramatically waving/blowing kisses at each other until they made it all the way through security (to the point where I was nearly sure they were going to ask us to come through as well...just as a safety precaution), Mads and I drove back home to celebrate our 6 months (and the stunning summer-like weather) with Fajitas, dessert, and all things red and lacy.

Thank you girls for the most memorable first visit.  It means the world to me that you came to see me even after our all too brief time in London town together and I'm so thrilled that you want to come again.

To: the adventures ahead.



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