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04 February, 2014

Overnight Snowstorm

These posts feel so old now due to the delay and a bit out-of-date considering now there's nothing but icy remains of the snow that once was....As promised though:

I'm not the easiest of creatures to wake up but when the first words out of my boyfriend's mouth are, "It snowed!!", it ends up being a little simpler to get me out of bed.

Of course, after a few important errands (PARCELS, YAYYYY!!!), I took full advantage of the marvellous situation that was an overnight snowstorm :)  So far the Danish winter's just been cold, windy, rainy, this was a well-welcomed change in my mind.

Mads managed to photograph my madness.  Maybe there's some potential in my abusing him for photography purposes relating to blogging after all ;)



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